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Preparing for a heatwave wedding: a wedding planner’s top tips to keep cool

For couples planning a spring or summer wedding, there’s always a chance your day turns into a scorcher. To be fair, in the UK, we are normally preparing for a downpour rather than sunshine! So, how do you survive a hot summer wedding?

If you are getting married in a heatwave, there are lots of cool tricks you can subtly include in your day. Some, you can even initiate on the day.

Provide plenty of drinks and ice

Although a wedding is a great excuse for champagne, on a hot day, staying hydrated with water or soft drinks is essential. Your venue or caterers should help you out by supplying plenty of extra ice and water for your guests, but you could also dot water stations or drink buckets around your venue, so a refreshing beverage is always within reach.

Use hand fans as wedding favours

On a 30-degree day, an inside wedding ceremony can be just as warm as an outside wedding, for any American brides or Grooms note most places in the UK won't have air con inside. Having hand fans available to your guests is a thoughtful little touch to keep them cool. Either rest them on chairs, use them as place names on your wedding table or create a basket of fans for people to pick up and use when they need them.

Ensure there’s lots of shade

A cloudless, blue sky makes incredible wedding photos. But no clouds mean no shade. If your wedding is outside, or you have access to a courtyard or garden area, make sure there is plenty of shade for your guests. Speak to your venue to see if they have marquees or parasols they can pop up. If not, you may need to invest in or hire a few. You could also consider handheld parasols; they are a great way to shield the sun and can be a fun accessory in your pictures.

Share some sunscreen

Let’s be honest, no one wants to carry a big bottle of sunscreen in their bag, especially at a wedding. If you are thinking of popping essential toiletries in the bathrooms for your guests, include a bottle of sunscreen too. This will allow guests to top up throughout the day and avoid any sunburnt faces.

Park up an ice cream van

A delicious ice cream van is a fantastic addition to a wedding, any time of year! Not only do they bring an exciting feature to your day, they offer a sweet treat for everyone too. During a heatwave, an ice lolly or Mr Whippy will be appreciated more than you know. They also make great props for some unique wedding pictures – just be mindful of your dress!

Cooling down a marquee wedding

Is there anything more beautiful than a wedding marquee on a summer’s day? They are idyllic! However, once a marquee is filled with lots of guests, hot food and dancing, it can become very stuffy. Choose a marquee with ventilation systems or lift the sides to help keep people cool at a summer wedding. You could also speak to your wedding planner or coordinator to see if you can adjust the times when you will be seated in the marquee.

Tips for the bride and groom

When you are getting ready, don’t get flustered by the heat. Drink plenty of water, wear loose-fitting clothes, open any windows and plug in a fan or aircon unit if possible. Staying cool whilst you get ready will keep you calm for the rest of the day. It will also ensure your hair, make-up and dress are flawless. Remember to keep essential touch-up bits with a bridesmaid too, such as lipstick, deodorant and tissues.

So, there you go, my top tips for managing a heatwave wedding. But more than anything, just enjoy your day! On the other end of the scale check out my blog here for wet weather tips.

If you are planning a summer wedding and looking for some guidance, then I would love to hear from you.

Photo credit: D and J Photography


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