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Different types of wedding venues: Everything you need to know

Your choice of wedding venue is a big decision! It is often a large part of your budget and can influence other elements of your wedding day, such as décor, catering or accommodation. But choosing your venue is also one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding – how often do you get a private tour around some of the UK’s most stunning locations?

Whether you want a traditional or modern wedding venue, a quirky location or a wedding destination that has it all, I’ve pulled together everything you need to know below. This article goes through the most popular types of wedding venues in the UK, outlining important things to consider and how to make each wedding setup bring your vision to life.

How much do wedding venues cost?

The cost of a wedding venue is really dependent on your budget. Understanding where your allotted wedding venue cost sits is essential, so you know where to start. You do not want to find your dream location to then be heartbroken by the reality of not being able to afford it. It also comes down to how big a role you want your wedding venue to play: is it the main feature? Will it be used as the backdrop to your wedding photos? Or is it simply about finding a beautiful venue in the right place? Consider all these questions first, as they’ll help you narrow your search for the perfect wedding venue.

The Most Popular Types of Wedding Venues in the UK

Wedding Marquees

These are fantastic options for their versatility; you can find a marquee in multiple styles, shapes and sizes to fit any space. Wedding marquee companies will set up and take down the mainframe; all you need to worry about is decorating the inside – which is the fun part! With a marquee, you essentially have a blank canvas and can layer in your preference of flowers, colours, tableware, lights etc. If the weather is hot, you can lift the sides and enjoy the breeze or pop the sides down to protect your guests from wind or rain. For more information about wedding marquees, you can read my blog here.

Bride and Groom in Manor House Gardens

Manor Houses

A fabulous and elegant choice. Often set in their own grounds, even with a city-based manor house, they create a sense of seclusion and intimacy in your private wedding world. They offer true Bridgerton vibes and romantic settings with beautiful architecture, immaculate grounds, breathtaking ballrooms and sometimes pretty walled gardens. Manor House wedding venues are versatile, too; some will cater to all your wedding day requirements, including accommodation, outdoor marquees, catering and an in-house DJ. But many are also very accommodating to special requests you may have or particular suppliers you’d like to use. A British, Historical manor house is certainly a perfect setting if you are inviting guests from overseas.

Castle Wedding Venues

If you’re a fan of historical heritage, romantic fairy tales, or the chance to be a real-life Princess, then a castle wedding venue may be the ideal match for you. Seen as a high-end wedding venue, these stunning structures offer grand and regal vibes to your day, often with indulgent furniture, twisting staircases, statement chandeliers, libraries, turrets and unique architecture for incredible photos. Castles are a special treat for your guests, too, where they have the opportunity to explore the grounds during the day.

Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel Wedding

Hotel Wedding Venues

For couples looking for a modern and glamorous wedding venue, you are spoilt for choice with some amazing hotels across the UK. Choose between stylish city wedding hotels hosting grand ballrooms, high ceilings and superb lighting, or opt for the more intimate boutique wedding hotels. Both options are often situated with the best views of the hotel grounds too, meaning you have outdoor space to enjoy and use for photos.

One of the best parts of hotel weddings, though, is their convenience. Hotels are designed to cover everything your wedding needs: delicious catering, expert staffing, impeccable facilities, on-site accommodation and guest parking. They are pros at holding weddings, so you know you will be in safe hands. However, although you will have a private space, be mindful that you may have limited exclusivity of the entire venue.

Barns and Farms

Rustic, country-style weddings are a popular choice. With more farms opening their space to happy couples, you can completely personalise these spacious settings. They almost always come with stunning views which extend for miles too. With a farm or barn wedding venue, you can easily incorporate its natural features and textures into your theme: using wildflowers as centrepieces, hay-bales as extra outdoor seating, or wrapping fairy lights around exposed wooden beams for that warm, cosy, country charm.

There are always lots of options with barns and farm wedding venues. You can opt for the more authentic country feel, alternatively, you can look for a converted barn for a more modernised luxe vibe – many luxurious countryside venues have been set up to give you your perfect day, think about adding nice chairs, elegant tableware and lots of flowers to give it that wow factor.

Woodland Wedding Venues

Being at one with nature as you say “I do” is a special moment for some couples. Woodlands or outdoor spaces make a wonderful setting for a natural, boho-styled wedding. It is a one-of-a-kind location which you can really make your own. You can choose between a small, intimate wedding spot amongst trees or source a large location by a lake or forest. This truly magical wedding venue has a more relaxed and laid-back feel for the entire day. You may need to adjust some of the additional details of the day to suit a woodland wedding, such as power points, supplier logistics, music etc, but you can pretty much make anything work, usually it would be in combination with a marquee or barn/farm wedding venue.

Bride and groom in Conservatory

Glasshouse Wedding Venues

My favourite type of wedding venue! Glasshouse wedding venues provide the most stunning backdrop for any couple. Their glass ceilings and walls allow bountiful light, which enhances the interior space and ensures you get the most magnificent pictures. They also tend to include exotic and tropical foliage as their décor, adding a lush green colour palette to your day. Does this sound like the perfect venue for you? For more inspiration, read my blog about the top 5 London glasshouse wedding venues here.

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

As I mentioned at the beginning, you need to ask yourself some questions before you get carried away visiting venues. Even though it is a lot of fun, it can also be time-consuming and stressful. Here are my top tips for visiting and choosing the right wedding venue for you:

  • Decide on your wedding theme.

  • Create a budget – my wedding budget blog can get you started.

  • Know how many guests you're inviting.

  • Visit a few different venues.

  • Have a list of questions: What’s included? Is there parking? Is there accommodation? Etc.

  • Consider the distance for you and your guests.

  • Hire a wedding planner to help you out.

I hope this has given you some inspiration and insight into the different types of wedding venues available to you. I would love to hear from you if you need any support in finding unique wedding venues or booking your dream location. Just get in touch here.

Photographers: Jessica Piazza Photography, Georgina Piper Photography and Joe from the Curries Studio.


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