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Which style of marquee should I have for my wedding?

When planning a marquee wedding there seems to be endless options, but how do you know which marquee is best? This blog post is to help you differentiate between the types of wedding marquees and hopefully figure out the right one for you.

Clear Span Marquee

Clear span is a popular, traditional wedding marquee choice. It has an aluminium frame and there are no poles holding the structure up inside or out. The advantage of this means the interior is completely clear, creating lots of space for you to have any layout of your choice. They tend to work on most surfaces too, which is a bonus. These marquees can come with PVC sides and a roof — ideal for framing your gorgeous backdrop and drawing the outside in.

Top tip – layers of twinkling lights along with blossoming floristry or foliage, fit beautifully in clear marquees.

Image Credit: Ferri Photography

Sail Cloth Tent

Another fairly traditional style and can also go by the name, Sperry Tent. This is when there are poles and pegs, so the roof will be high and pitched because of the structure holding it up. Sailcloth Tents are made with a light material that lets in natural light during the day and creates an atmospheric glow during evening parties. These are a beautiful option that feels really open and roomy. On a lovely day you can take the sides down, for that fresh, summery feel. Just remember, the layout inside won’t be as flexible due to the poles and it also needs a super flat grass surface to stand on.

Indian Wedding Tent

Indian wedding tents are so much fun to work with! From different sizes and styles, to bright colours and patterned curtained walls, they really become a statement piece in their own right. They are similar to Sperry tents in the sense that the structure is made up of poles, lines and pegs with lots of space inside. You can also open the sides but typically, the roof won’t be as high. The linings can come in fabulous, unique patterns, so you can find a look that complements your theme and colour palette. The Raj Tent Club supplies these types of Indian tents and also have amazing furniture styling such as parasols, rugs and pouffes, for those finishing touches.

Stretch Tent

With such an elegant look and feel to them, stretch tents are becoming increasingly popular for weddings. These are tents made from material that stretches from one side to another. No matter your shape, size or setting, they are cleverly designed to reach from pole to pole, and easily fit in/around many obstacles – making them a real versatile option! They are a lot quicker to assemble than traditional marquees too. Just note, although they are super airy and light, they don’t come with full sides, which might not be ideal if the weather isn’t great.

Image credit: Hayley Benoit Photography

Tipi Wedding Tent

Tipis are fab! And another popular wedding option. I love working with them because they are perfect for relaxed, rustic or festival style weddings. They are made up of several fabric triangles and wooden poles that meet at the top, in the middle, to hold your structure up. Along with variety of styles and sizes to match your vibe and guest count. There’s even room for a dance floor and bar, if needed. You can get really creative with the décor too – adding delicate strings of lights or loops of draping flowers.

Yurt Wedding Tent

Yurts, like tipis, are great for that rustic, festival vibe. They are typically made with a circular timber frame, which you can see when sat inside, but I think this feature adds another authentic, unconventional layer to your look. This design means they have a distinctive round shape, usually covered in white canvas – kind of like a dome. There are no poles inside this one, so you can be a little more flexible with your layout. They often have wooden floors inside too, ideal for those heels!

How much does a wedding marquee cost?

The final point and the most asked question! This will depend so much on the individual companies and their offering. Some companies might include just the basic structure and then you need to have add-ons or some will have a cost to include lining, flooring, furniture, any lighting and catering tent. As a very basic guide you could expect any marquee to start from £2,000 to £7,000 + for a wedding of approx 100 guests.

If you would like help planning a gorgeous marquee wedding to suit your style, then I would love to hear from you on or call on 07469942646.

Mel x


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