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What does a Full Service Wedding Planner do?

As an experienced London wedding planner, I'm often asked " What does full service wedding planning mean?" So I'm here to share with you all the details. From venue selection to finding your wedding suppliers and coordinating your big day, your wedding planner provides valuable guidance and advice throughout your whole wedding planning journey. 

So let's dive into all the specifics of how a full wedding planner supports you: 

Finding your dream venue

This can be the most stressful part of planning your wedding as it comes at the start and will ultimately decide the direction of your wedding. I help you find your perfect wedding venue by doing the research, checking availability and cost then sharing with you my recommended locations and accompanying you on-site visits to ensure the space meets all your requirements. If you are having a wedding at home then I would find your marquee company and all he extra that come with planning a marquee wedding.

Wedding Suppliers

I help you find your stationer, makeup artist, hair stylist, decor and tableware company, furniture hire, cake designer, entertainment, DJ, production designer, bar service, caterer, florist, photographer, videographer, celebrant, sketch artist, kids entertainer and even a dog sitter for your big day. I help you connect with suppliers that match your wedding style and budget as well as supporting you with communications, T&C's, contracts, payment schedules and logistics of the day.

Design & Styling

If you want a certain aesthetic to your wedding or you are really excited about the decor and design, then I am there to help you create or elevate your wedding vision. This is the creative part where I draw up your tablescape and create mood boards with all of your chosen decor, furniture and florals so you can see a visual representation of what your venue will look like. There are always some design or decor elements you didn't know you wanted!

Organisation & Paperwork

As part of the full-service wedding planning package comes everything to do with wedding admin. I play a pivotal role in managing communications between your wedding suppliers so you don't get unnecessary emails. I keep on top of your budget, financial planning and timelines to ensure everything is booked and will arrive on time. Creating visual documents like floor plans is always useful for venue staff and suppliers to see exactly where set up will be on the big day - this is just another admin task that I take off your plate. 

Guest Management & Logistics

I try to make this as seamless and stress-free as possible by using software and websites to eliminate unnecessary emails and  messages from your guests! By creating a wedding website and adding all the relevant details onto your wedding invitations and stationery - there should be no need to get bombarded with questions from family members. Everything from hotel recommendations and booking guest transport to sharing taxi numbers and a list of what to do in the local area, I help to manage and look after your guests before they even arrive at your wedding. 

Lead up to Wedding Day

I create easy-to-read checklists of anything outstanding so you can see what tasks are being wrapped up and the final details that are being managed. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, I create a detailed timeline for yourselves, your wedding guests and your suppliers. With these meticulous timelines, everyone knows where they are supposed to be and at what time for every wedding event you have from your welcome dinner and cocktail party to your wedding day and wedding brunch. 

The Wedding Day

On the day itself me and my team are your Wedding Day Management dream team, focussing on you and your guests to ensure everyone has the best time possible. We oversee setup and communicate with your vendors so everything looks picture-perfect. We cue the music, make sure you train and veil is neatly looking good behind you for the ceremony, gather bridal party for portrait shots, light candles, have tissues on hand for teary speeches and hand you your flats so you can dance the night away! From coordinating your first look to organising your final farewell, I ensure you feel relaxed and are enjoying every moment of your special day. 

There are a million and one things to plan, orchestrate and coordinate in the months leading up to your big day, and it is made ten times easier with the help of a full wedding planner by your side. 

As a London and Buckinghamshire Wedding Planner, I offer a comprehensive full wedding planning service for couples that want a stress-free and flawless wedding day. Whether you are having a one day celebration or a whole wedding weekend, I’ll be by your side for all of it. If you want to know more about what is included in my full wedding planning package, contact me today and we can have a chat! 


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