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Wedding Planning checklist - Part 2 of 3

Welcome back! In this blog article we follow on from the 12-9 month wedding checklist and look at what needs to be ticked off over the next few months. In part 2, I’ve broken down the things you need to consider 5-8 months before your wedding date…

8 months to go

Sound out your musicians

If you love the idea of a string trio beautifully playing Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’ as you walk down the aisle, then now is the time to make sure your dream comes true. You’ll also need to book your organist at the church or a choir if you want them too. Make sure you confirm any set up time they might need so they have time to prepare before everyone arrives.

Also, think about background music for the drinks reception or any other entertainment – book these at the same time to ensure you have a soundtrack playing between the ceremony, pictures and wedding breakfast.

Photo credit: Ferri Photography

Hire your officiant

If you’re not getting married in a church you will need to hire an officiant. Alternatively, you can opt to have a smaller wedding in a registry office that covers the legal part of your marriage and then select a celebrant to officiate your wedding ceremony. You could even pick a close friend to do this for you. Either way, make sure they have the date and time saved.

7 months to go

Check your tech requirements

Your venue may come with technical support and/or your band may bring their own PA system and disco lights for your dance floor. But maybe there are other ways you can use tech to enhance your wedding such as festoon lighting, fairy lights, up-lighters, disco balls or pin spots over your dining tables. Your first port of call is to ask your venue if they have any suggestions and which technical suppliers you’d need to use.

Create a wedding website

This is a new and original way to share with your guests everything they need to know about the day. It avoids panic about mislaid invites and reduces the amount of ‘what’s the postcode?’ messages you’ll receive. These are pretty easy to set up and you can either be used as your official invite or pop the web address on your invite for reference. Some great wedding website options include:

Withjoy -

Minted -

Register your wedding gift list

Long gone are the traditional gifts for setting up home. And although couples are content to simply share their special day with loved ones, we all want to buy the happy couple a gift – especially one we know they want. Most retailers allow you to set up a wedding gift list, where you can send a link to your guests (or add it to your wedding website!). Alternatively, you can ask for contributions towards a part of your wedding or your honeymoon.

Hello, honeymoon

Talking of honeymoons, this is an exciting time to start researching yours! Whether you fancy an all inclusive Caribbean cruise, an adventure-packed safari or a lazy week on a sun-kissed beach, start looking at possible locations and travel agent deals. You could either dive straight into a grand honeymoon holiday but if that’s not in your budget, you can opt for a short mini-moon and save for a bigger honeymoon later – that way you get two holidays! Oh, and remember to check your passport expiry date.

6 months to go

Shop for wedding suits

This is the time for the groom and his lads to step up and look sharp. Again, this is a great excuse to get the wedding party together and make a day of it. Whether you’re buying suits or hiring them, make sure everyone has tried them on and they attend any fittings – you want everyone to feel comfortable on the day. Consider getting extra ties too for any special guests who you want to feel part of the party such as Grandfathers or page boys.

Pick your wedding cake

Whether it’s a three-tier show stopper or a tower of cupcakes, you need to think about and order your delicious dessert now. Wedding cakes are more than just pudding these days, they can be a true work of art with edible petals or sugar flowers ! And then there’s the flavours like elderflower, hazelnut or white chocolate and raspberry. With so many options, shop around to find your star baker – many suppliers can send out tasting boxes to try, which just sounds scrumptious to me.

5 months to go

It’s time to give notice

It might sound strange but you have to give notice of your intent to marry. If you’re not having a religious ceremony, you have until one month prior to your date to do this. If you are having a religious ceremony, I’d recommend checking what you need to do as time frames and requirements may differ. For example, some church ceremonies require you to have your banns read several weeks before.

Book your bridal party transport...

You can’t leave your tribe behind. What method of wedding transport you choose will be dependent on the location of your ceremony and reception, as well as how many people are in your bridal party. If this stretches your budget, ask around, I’m sure many of your guests will have room to squeeze in an usher or bridesmaid.

...And your guest transport, if needed

If you’re in a remote location or simply moving from one venue to another, it might be nice to have everyone travel together. It’s a fun way for everyone to get to know each other and get the party started. If anything, you might be jealous that you’re not in there with them!

Order your wedding invites

You know your date, the venue and who’s is the time to make it all official by sending out your wedding invites. Your supplier will advise when exactly to order these and I recommend ordering a few extra just in case you’ve forgotten anyone. If you have the budget, why not save some time and have the envelopes addressed too with pretty vintage stamps or calligraphy? They’ll make a beautiful statement as they fall through your guest’s letterboxes.

Photo credit: Ellie Mac Photography

On-the-day wedding stationery

While we are on the topic of stationery, you may as well start to consider your on-the-day Stationery too. This often gets forgotten but it’s an important part of the day as it tells everyone what’s going on. Think signage (especially to the toilets), order of service, menus, place cards or escort cards – all those extra bits of detail that help your day run smoothly. You’ll want these to tie in with your wedding theme and wedding stationery too, so make sure your supplier knows your colour theme and style, and check their lead times.

Choose your wedding bands

Things are getting real now! Your wedding bands are going to be with you for the rest of your lives so you need to choose wisely. Think about your jewellery preferences, what colours match your skin tones and what styles do you prefer. I always think this is such a lovely thing to do together; making a day of shopping for your wedding bands and celebrating ticking off another step on your wedding checklist.

Pick or make your wedding favours

There are so many different options when it comes to wedding favours, if you decide to do them. From sweets and seasonal gifts, to personalised treats or charity donations, find the favour that reflects you as a couple. Settle on these now so you have plenty of time to buy or create them. Again, Pinterest is a great place for wedding favour inspiration.

You’re nearly there and have ticked a lot of wedding tasks off. For some help and advice on what to do in the last few months, check on part 3 of my Wedding Checklist blog. Or if you need help organising, get in touch on .

Mel x


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