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Valentine's Wedding Tips

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thoughts of love and marriage are in the air. I wanted to share with you my tips on creating a romantic Valentine’s theme wedding, with a modern feel. No scattered rose petals here, just a stylish nod to St. Valentine.

1. The heart shape is a timeless symbol of love. But to add a twist, how about including a neon heart sign? You can even go one step further, and customise your heart with initials, your married name e.g. ‘The Smiths’, or a romantic quote like ‘Happily Ever After’ or ‘Better Together’. It’s a great way to add a bit of personality to your wedding styling.

2. Take the ultimate romantic flower, the red rose, and turn it on its head…literally! An upside down hanging floral display is not only unique, but will frame your pictures beautifully. See how you can create a runner over long tables like in the image below. These are carnations, but it would work with most flowers and you can certainly see what a show-stopping effect it would have. Hanging flowers are costlier but they are stunning. If budget allows, go big over the bar or even the dance floor!

3. Be daring with a red wedding dress. Who says you should stick with traditional colours anyway? Whether you’ve opted for a sleek, silhouette style or ball gown style a bold colour such as red will surely wow your wedding guests.

Image from

4. A modern wedding cake doesn’t have to be simple, go for a visually stunning design, which could pass as modern art. The image below includes macaroons, strawberries and flowers, and just screams modern romance to me!

Image from

5. Although calligraphy and soft scripts suggest soothing sonnets, for more modern vibes, streamline your stationery with contemporary fonts and bold foils that’ll offer a subtle shine. Use this consistently throughout your invites, signage and on the day stationery to keep the modern romantic theme, running through your whole celebration.

6. When you think of traditional romantic wedding transport, a classic white vintage Rolls-Royce might come to mind. There’s no rule book to say you can’t switch it up and pick what you like! So, why not add a dash of excitement with a stylish sports car to drive away in and start your married life.

I hope this post has you feeling inspired for a Valentine’s wedding and if so, get in touch here so we can chat all things weddings.


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