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Pantone Colour of year 2021

I’m excited to share with you a mood board using the colour trend ‘Illuminating yellow’, which is the Pantone colour of the year 2021. Pantone have chosen to combine this with ‘Ultimate gray’, but as 2020 was grey enough, I’ve decided to mix it with something a little bit different.

For a unique and original twist, I’m matching this statement sunshine shade, with natural and earthy colours such as the warm coffee tone of ‘Macchiato’, and the mossy green colour of ‘Sphagnum’. These colours subtly complement one another and offer fresh, nature driven hues – perfect for outdoor wedding vibes.

‘Illuminating yellow’, is the perfect bright, summery wedding colour. But if this feels a bit too much, you can introduce softer, earthy accents and darker tones to suit a nature inspired mood board like below. When using a bold colour like ‘Illuminating yellow’, I would recommend weaving it into wedding styling elements such as your tableware, wedding stationery or flowers. These subtle touches will keep your theme consistent and complement other colours without being ‘too much’.

I really enjoyed creating this mood board, and if you’re feeling inspired, or want to discuss how I can help with your wedding day, don’t hesitate to get in touch

All images from Pinterest.


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