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Micro Weddings in 2021

As 2021 begins, it looks like things are still going to be different until springtime at the very least. With everyone having hopes that the dreaded COVID-19 will see an end with 2020, it looks like caution needs to be taken a little longer than hoped.

If you were meant to be a 2020 bride and had to move your big day to early this year, you’re probably wondering what your choices are. Do you change your date? Or opt for the micro wedding trend? I love how brides have taken to small weddings and made them their own. And there really is something incredible about an intimate wedding, with the people you can truly say are your nearest and dearest!

But if you’re not sure where to start, I’ve pulled together some top tips on how to get the most from your 2021 wedding, how to keep it COVID-19 safe and how I can help…

1. Speak to your wedding venue

Bear in mind, your wedding venue will have been impacted by 2020 too, so the majority certainly wouldn’t say no to a micro wedding. They may even offer discounted rates (so it’s always worth asking!), or have a smaller space you can hire. With fewer numbers, you might not want a big hall, so look for somewhere with a personal and cosier feel. If you do choose a larger space, clever tricks with lighting can do wonders to make a big room feel more intimate. Always ask what your venue is doing to be COVID safe along with cancellation policy just in case.

2. Have an outdoor wedding

This is certainly a safer solution; allowing everyone to space out. It also makes for a beautiful backdrop. Get creative with your chairs – opt for sofas so guests can sit with their bubbles, or use a semi-circular arrangement that’ll make everyone feel involved. If the weather is unpredictable, have blankets and umbrellas at the ready.

Image Source - Style me pretty

Image Source - Wandering Weddings

3. Consider your catering

This is a chance to be really fun with food. Canapes could be individually wrapped and boxed for your guests during the reception. Cocktails can be served in jars with lids or small individual bottles of Champagne. Or create singular cheese or charcuterie boards for your guests to enjoy. Alternatively, think of creative ways to cover your food such as glass cloches. Again, always ask what your caterers are doing to be COVID safe. I would recommend all serving staff wear facemasks or have visors. Try to ensure different bubbles have a good distance between place settings, and avoid buffet food stations, unless your caterer has staff to serve this safely.

Image Source - Sheila Zeller Interiors

Image Source - Sugar and charm

4. Prettify health and safety basics

First things first, the newest wedding outfit accessory – a mask. To add your own personal touch, why not customise masks with your names and wedding date? Or pick a simple colour that matches your theme. Either would make for a memorable wedding group photo. Set up fun, stylish sanitiser stations throughout the venue or provide small bottles for your guests, along with a mask, for a COVID safe kit gift! Make sure you have visible signage that includes keeping socially distanced and leaving space when waiting for the toilets. Again, you could customise this to suit your theme.

Image Source - Mulberry Market Designs

5. Have you thought of a virtual wedding?

Don’t forget to use modern technology to your advantage and live stream the day to more of your friends and family. When you watch two people you care about get married, it’s such a lovely moment – even watching it on a screen will give you all the feels. This is especially good for elderly relatives to watch or anyone who’s vulnerable and may not want to be in a large group.

I hope this helps provide some inspiration to go ahead with your wedding sooner rather than later. It really can still be such a special day with the people you love. That being said; if you are a huge party goer and a big wedding is for you then that’s great too. Stick to your guns, be true to yourself and postpone. Your day will finally arrive, it will be amazing and well worth the wait!

If you need any advice or help planning your wedding, big or small, then don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07469942646 or email


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