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Is a Micro Wedding or Elopement right for you?

Intimate weddings are having a moment, and with good reason! See what the advantages are of hosting a smaller wedding, and maybe it’s right for you too.

What exactly are micro weddings and Elopements?

A micro wedding is a wedding with typically less than 50 guests. It focuses on inviting your closest friends and family to celebrate with you. An elopement is even smaller again, where a couple gets married with little to no guests. Both offer an intimate wedding day focused on the couple’s union and what the couple loves most.

Micro weddings and elopements hit peak popularity during COVID-19 restrictions, but they continue to resonate with couples today who are looking for a more personalised and intimate celebration. These types of weddings provide a meaningful, personal and authentic experience for the couple and the people closest to them. Being able to focus on a smaller group of guests allows you to celebrate in a different way.

Beautiful Locations

Choosing a special location that resonates with you is much easier to find with a smaller guest list. You will find a wider variety of stunning venues with accommodation if you have a smaller guest count. Intimate weddings also allow for more flexibility with where and when you host your wedding. You could choose to have it abroad or in a really unique place. This provides so many more opportunities for you to choose from, meaning you’ll get your dream wedding venue.

Less Stress

Streamlined guest lists also make planning and the run-up to your wedding day significantly less stressful. You avoid the family politics and drama and you don’t need to invite distant relatives you don’t even know! If you want a more relaxed atmosphere so you aren’t feeling overcrowded by guests then this is the way to go. You can have relaxed family photos that don’t last for hours so you can spend time mingling and chatting with your closest friends.

Get creative with your wedding budget

Fewer guests means your wedding can cost less. Or you can just allocate your budget to important aspects of the day and creative elements you’ve always wanted at your wedding. Your budget goes towards creating a beautiful event rather than accommodating a huge crowd. You can splurge on the smaller details to have your day your way. If fine dining is your fist love, then work with the finest wedding caterers to create a bespoke menu for you, or if you dream of over-the-top florals, table decor and interior design, then splurge your budget with your florist and wedding designer. With fewer guests your budget can be thoughtfully spent on every element that are important to you. If eloping abroad just you and partner then you could spend the money on amazing experiences too!

How to break the news?

If you’re considering a micro wedding, be upfront yet diplomatic when you are telling family and friends. Emphasise that you are hosting an intimate and small gathering and that you appreciate their understanding for you choosing to have a small wedding. Micro weddings are nothing new, so usually your loved ones will accept your choice. You can still have a photographer and videographer, so you can share it with your friends and family afterwards which is always nice, perhaps a small get to together viewing party.

Focusing on what and who is so important.These smaller weddings don't compromise on decor, style, or substance, and are just as fun and vibrant as large weddings. They offer the opportunity to customise every aspect of your day and still get amazing photos and memories to treasure- that’s why they are so popular.

So if you're newly engaged, consider whether an intimate wedding is right for you. Want some expert advice or guidance with your wedding planning? Book a chat with me here.

Photographer: Ellie Mac Photography


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