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8 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

You might be looking to do something a little different for your wedding, or maybe you just want some unique and fun photos to look back on. Either way, here is a selection of some of my favourite ideas for you to try.

1. Champagne Towers - These really increased in popularity last year and continue to do; it’s obvious to see why! They create a bold, bubbly feature, you get to sip from a cool Champagne coup at the end, and they really do create the best photos! Although, perhaps not a wise choice for the anxious bride; all those delicately balanced glasses!!

2. Champagne Bottle Spray - Whilst we are talking about fizz, what about a Champagne spray photo? These look spectacular and really capture that blissful moment. Just ensure whoever does the popping is pointing it away from you, or an outfit change might be in order (though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing either!).

3. Sparklers - They have been trending for a while now and are still big! Instead of walking through a sparkle tunnel, take your bridal party and snap some fun and romantic static shots. Or have your guests hold them during your first dance (obviously, this would need to be an outdoor first dance with plenty of space and smaller guest numbers).

4. A Neon Sign – A bright neon sign has a very cool, modern edge to it. Choose between ‘Mr and Mrs’, The Smiths (*insert own surname*) or a favourite quote or song lyrics such as:

‘Crazy in love’

‘It was always you’

‘Happily ever after’

‘Better Together

‘Love Rocks’

‘I bet that you look good on the dancefloor ‘

Or choose some other song lyrics that you and your partner love. These will make a fab background for wedding photos, especially if you can combine them with your wedding flowers, but also your guests will love posing in front of them too. They also make an awesome keepsake to put up in the house afterwards.

5. Colour Smoke Bombs – If you are getting married with lots of vast, rolling countryside then this one might be you. These look great with your bridal party; imagine a gorgeous field or lawn on a (hopefully) sunny day, with fun bright or pastel smoke colours behind you. It’s a fun one for your guests to watch too. You just to ensure the wind is going the right way, but your photographer will be able to help organise this.

6. Food Fun - If you are having a wedding cake, how about a cake fountain sparkler to really give your cake photo the wow factor (but please do check if your venue is okay with this!). If there’s no cake, you can still achieve a fun food photo – perhaps you have an ice-cream van, sweet stand or pizza trailer, and can snap some pics of you both tucking into tasty treats!

7. The First Look - This trend has been big in the US for some time but is now gaining popularity over here and I love it, an intimate, sentimental moment for you both and the photos will be so special after. You could also do a first reveal picture with your bridesmaids, parents and kids.

8. Confetti Bomb Dancefloor – Heading back to the dancefloor, I adore this photo trend! I think it’s such a fabulous way to kick off the dancing, and makes a change from following on from the first dance. Everyone goes crazy for it, especially when it is unexpected, it really gets everyone in the party mood!

I hope you loved the post and are inspired by some of these wedding photo ideas. I can't wait to see them!


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