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All Things Wedding Entertainment

Wedding day entrainment is so important for good vibes on your wedding day, in my professional opinion it can make or break the wedding day atmosphere so it is really important to get right. That doesn't mean you need non stop live entertainment, just have a think about your priorities and which part of the day you may want to spend money on for this area. I have invited Matt from UK Entertainment agency Gecko Live Entertainment to the blog to answer your wedding entertainment related questions:

1.Will a DJ do all different styles and genres of music?

Yes they will. They aren’t constrained as much as a band so can mix and match throughout the night. Some DJs do have a preferred style however, so talk to them before hand to make sure they fit with your day. We use open format DJs for all our events to ensure that the DJ can adapt as needed to suit the style of the wedding/event and the guests.

2. What is a good option for ceremony entertainment?

Most clients fail to see how special music is to this moment. Often they end up with a classical string quartet for example, which is lovely but might not reflect them as couple. We like to have a conversation with clients and see what will work for them.

Good initial options are The Guitar Duo, Martini Jazz, Emerald Duo and Amber Roaming. They are all classics, but also add an element of fun and celebration to the day.

 3. What are good options for the Drinks reception entertainment?

This can depend on the venue and the client. However, we always recommend using the same group that you booked for the ceremony. By doing this clients will maximise their budget and get a more seamless experience throughout the day.

4. What are different types of bands?

You have classic party bands that cover all styles of music, genre specific bands if you want a particular vibe and everything in between. For weddings, the most important thing is that it is a great party and appeals to all ages as that is who your guests are. When we have worked with clients that are so exacting and specific, these are often the weddings that don’t live up to the expectations.

Roaming Bands are really popular at the minute, but they aren’t the best for an evening party, they are much better used for drinks or the wedding breakfast/cocktail hour.

Motown and Soul bands are still popular, but with the increased number of venues that have sound restrictions they are not applicable to a lot of venues.

5. What is a better band or DJ for evening?

Both. You will never bear the live energy of a band, and a DJ is the most flexible. A lot of our bands can accommodate both into their packages and it is the best way to have a brilliant party if the budget will allow. If I had to choose one I would go for a band, but if you want a great halfway house, our new DJ live option is perfect. DJ with Sax and Percussion is the perfect way to have the flexibility of a DJ combined with the energy of live performers at a price point that is workable for a client who may not want to spend for band and DJ.

6. Any other fun musical entertainment acts that you suggest go down well at weddings?

Roaming Bands, DJ Live, Contemporary Brass Bands. They are fun and a little different to the norm. Weddings should be fun and exciting, so pick music that does that.

7. Anything we should be aware of before booking a band?

Venue sound restrictions - Not all bands work with sound limiters

Performance space - Depending on the size of the band you may need to think about where to position them and if they need a stage, and if so how big.

Power requirements - Indoor venues are mostly fine, but marquee weddings are a different situation. Fridges and kitchen equipment plays havoc with sound equipment.

Band rider - Feed your musicians. This is a real point of contention, but as performers we can’t give our all to you if we don’t have any energy. Often, the bands in high season are on back to back events, so they will need the energy. You wouldn’t want to be wedding number 4 in the row and have performers that haven’t had a real meal for 3 days prior - they physically won’t be able to give you 100%. We know it can sometimes be an additional cost, but most caterers are set up for this.

Performance length - Most bands will quote for 2 hours of live music. If you want more than this most will be able to do this but agree to it all in advance, not on the day.

Load in details - Are there any steps from the vehicles to the performance space, is there a lift, is the performance space flat, solid and covered. With all our contracts we stipulate all of these as it is a term of our insurance to make sure everyone is covered.

Cost - Live bands are more expensive than client’s think. No, there isn’t such a thing as a wedding tax and we don’t charge any more for any particular event, but a quality band for your evening should be about 15 to 20% of your total budget. We think a wedding should be 3 things; A romantic start, a delicious meal, and a seriously good party.

8. Do most acts include all sound equipment and lighting?

All of our bands and acts do. They will be able to cater for most events up to 150 people.

9. Will entertainment acts have riders or any requirements? 

Yes all our acts will have rider and requirements. There is never anything scary or out of the ordinary, but things like armless chairs for a string quartet, water and soft drinks for all performers (the summer and outside performances are hot) and hot meals for evening performers and bands. Most evening bands and performers will also need somewhere to sit, prepare for the performance, have something to eat, and have somewhere to go between their performances.

10. What is your favourite act?

To play in - The Strolling Tones - 

Classic Party Band - Gravity - 

Luxury Band - Gala - 

Thanks so much Matt! I hope that has answered some Musical entertainment related questions, you can find Matt's website here . If you need any more guidance with planning your wedding, then I can't wait to hear from you!


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