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All about Wedding Stationery

Wedding invitations are your guests first impression to your wedding and there are also so many 'on the day' wedding stationery items to consider, so it's no surprise that you may have lots of questions like when, what and how much! Therefore I am really excited to invite Luxury Wedding Stationery designer Jess from Sweet Ophelia Designs to my page for a chat all things Wedding Stationery!

1. When should I book my stationer?

It’s never too early to book your favourite wedding stationer in! Booking your stationer early can be a great way to relieve some of the stress that comes with wedding planning and secures your spot in their booking diary, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that your invitations are in good hands. And with your stationer secured, you can focus on other aspects of your wedding planning, such as choosing your dress, selecting a venue and deciding on a menu. So if you're planning a wedding, don't wait to book your favourite stationer - take care of this important task as soon as possible!

2. What if I want to send out save the dates but not set the theme style for the wedding yet?

If you want to send out Save the Dates but haven't quite decided on a theme or style for your wedding yet, that's perfectly fine! At this point in the planning process, it's more important to let your guests know when and where the wedding will be taking place, rather than the specific theme or style. Once you have a better idea of the overall vision for your wedding, you can include those details in your Wedding Invitations. Don't stress too much about the theme at this stage - focus on getting the important information out to your guests so they can mark their calendars and begin making arrangements to celebrate your special day with you!

3. When should I send invitations out?

When it comes to sending out invitations, timing is everything. You want to make sure that your guests receive their invitations with enough time to plan accordingly. Generally, it's best to send them 3-6 months prior to your big day to give guests enough time to make travel and accommodation arrangements if necessary. It's also a good idea to send Save the Dates 12 months in advance so your guests can mark their calendars.

However, for a destination wedding it’s important to give guests as much notice as possible so they have enough time to arrange flights, accommodation and book time off work. Aiming to send these out 6-8 months before your big day should give your guests ample time to make any necessary arrangements.

4. How much can I expect to pay for collections or bespoke invitations?

The cost of Wedding Invitations can vary greatly depending on the design, materials and quantity needed. Generally, choosing from a stationer’s House Collection (a pre-designed collection of semi-customisable designs) is usually the more affordable option. Bespoke invitations, on the other hand, are completely customised to suit you and your preferences which can require more time and resources to create.

A ballpark starting cost for the House Collection could be around £3-£4 per invitation, while bespoke invitations can start at around £5-£10 per invitation. However, it's important to keep in mind that these are just estimates and the final cost will depend on a variety of factors. To get a more accurate idea of pricing, it's best to consult with your stationer and provide them with your specific needs and budget.

5. How soon should we finalise On the day stationery?

Finalising On the Day stationery can be a little tricky (especially if you’re still chasing in those last- minute RSVPs!). Generally, it’s a good idea to start designs 2-3 months before your big day to ensure everything is printed and ready to go at least a week before your wedding. This gives you enough time to make any last-minute adjustments, and also allows for any unforeseen printing or delivery delays.

If you're working with a tight schedule or have a lot of last-minute details to attend to, it's important to communicate with your wedding stationer to ensure that they can deliver your stationery in time for the big day.

Just be sure to plan ahead and give yourself enough time to make any necessary changes or adjustments before your special day.

6. Do you make suggestions and help with wording ?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you have specific wording requirements or need a little guidance, I’ll be here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you want something traditional, modern, or completely unique, I can offer suggestions and help you create invitations that perfectly reflect your style and personality. From the wording of the main invitation to the RSVP card and everything in between, I can help ensure that your invitations are both beautiful and informative, setting the perfect tone for your special day. So don't stress over the wording of your wedding invitations – let me help you make them perfect!

7. Apart from the obvious on the day items such as table plan, welcome and place names are there any other special suggestions that you would recommend for the day?

In addition to the On the Day stationery essentials such as your Table Plan and Place Cards, there are a few other special items that you might consider for your big day.

Firstly, if you and your partner have written personal vows or a letter to open on the morning of the wedding, it's a great idea to keep them in a special place such as a beautiful booklet which you can treasure for years to come.

For a unique and fun touch to your wedding reception, consider mini signs to place around your venue. These little details such as bar menus featuring your favourite cocktails or drinks, guest book signs and seat reservation tags are all great ways to make your big day even more special.

Ultimately, the special items that you choose to include in your wedding day should reflect your personalities and style as a couple and add a personal touch to your celebration.

8. What's your favourite style of design?

I’ve always loved handmade paper invitations! There's something about the distinctive texture, fluffy edges and fine art design that is just so beautiful. Arched and layered invitation suites are also catching my eye at the moment, I love how you can use different shapes to elevate a super modern and minimal design.

And lastly I’ve always been a sucker for a wax seal. In fact, any little details that help to bind an invitation suite together and add the perfect finishing touch will always get a thumbs up from me!

9. How long does it take from sign off to receiving wedding invitations?

The timeline for receiving Wedding Invitations after final sign off can vary depending on a couple of factors. If you’ve got a large guest list, or have chosen to include a luxury finish or little extras such as wax seals, envelope liners or special bindings, this could take a little longer to assemble.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to receive your invitations 2 weeks after final sign off, but check with your stationer to confirm their estimated timeline. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and order your wedding invitations well in advance of your wedding date, so that you have plenty of time to get them all sent out and RSVPs back in.

10. Will I get to approve my invitations before going to print and will I get the chance to make amendments until perfectly happy?

Yes absolutely! Before going to print, I send up to 3 digital proofs which gives you the chance to make any amendments until you're perfectly happy. This ensures that your invitations are flawless and exactly how you want them before sending them out to your guests. This might vary between suppliers, so don't hesitate to communicate with your wedding stationer to make sure that you get the chance to approve and make changes to your invitations so that you're completely satisfied with the final result.

Thanks so much Jess! I hope that has answered some stationery related questions, you can find Jess's website here. If you need any more guidance with planning your wedding, then please get in touch with me.

Stationery: Sweet Ophelia Designs

Photo credit: Jessica Piazza Photography

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