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20 Table name ideas for your wedding

So where do you start thinking of something creative for your wedding table names? Here are few ideas to get you started:

  1. Travel - Names of places you have visited together, combined with photos too as an idea; great if you are keen adventurers.

  2. Photos of you at different ages of your lives - Put your 2 baby pics side by side and call the table one, then when you are aged two and call it table two.

  3. Places you have lived - If you have moved around a lot a good one for you, this could be street names or cities.

  4. Pets names - This can be pets you have shared or owned individually or as a child.

  5. Band names - For those passionate about music; songs or lyrics are also good ideas for the music lovers.

  6. Festival or Gig themed - For those couples that love festivals.

  7. Important dates - Think about dates with meaning perhaps the date you met, birthdays, 1 year anniversary, when you moved in together, the date you got engaged and of course your wedding date as the top table.

  8. Horoscopes or celestial - If that is your vibe.

  9. Hobbies - Perhaps sports related, baking related or musicals.

  10. Books - If you are both book lovers then your fav books or lines from books, you could even use actual books on the table too.

  11. Food - Favourite foods or restaurants for the foodies.

  12. Drinks - Wines, beers or cocktails.

  13. Trips or holidays - Past and future trips you want to take as a couple.

  14. Fav films or TV series - One example friends theme 'The one with ....' (Okay showing my friends love here!)

  15. Colours - Colours that make you happy.

  16. Icons - Musical, film or other.

  17. Flowers or Trees - Definitely one for nature lovers, but just imagine a beautifully illustrated picture of a flower as table number.

  18. Birds or animals - Perhaps jungle or woodland animals, or maybe you love bird watching.

  19. Famous monuments - Ones you have visited or would love to visit in your married life.

  20. Keep it simple - Use numbers, it's a classic and keep things simple and easy.

I hope this has given you some inspiration and enjoy table planning.

Photography: V & H Photography, D&J Wedding photography and The Curries Studio


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