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Your wedding day emergency kit: what should you pack?

You might call it a bridal survival kit or emergency kit, either way, it's a bag of items you have ‘just in case’, but hopefully won’t need! Whenever I plan a wedding, I bring a Mary Poppins case of bits with me. But to help you out, I’ve narrowed down the 7 essential items for your own DIY wedding emergency kit:

1. Personal Care Items – Okay, so these ones are a little obvious but include items such as deodorant, perfume, hair brush, sanitary products and of course, tissues in case of happy tears.

2. Beauty Products - Yes, your hair and make-up will be beautifully done in the morning but your wedding is a long day. I advise packing extra hair pins and make-up so you can touch-up. Top Tip: After your trial, ask your make-up artist which lipstick/gloss they use and buy the same so you can top-up throughout the day. Also pack some make-up wipes for any smudges.

3. Steamer & Sewing Kit – A handheld steamer for your dress, bridesmaid dresses or veil is such a great thing to have; they don’t break the bank and are worth having! Also, a mini sewing kit is extremely useful in case buttons or straps break.

4. First Aid Kit – I think it is always handy to have a mini first aid kit with plasters, blister plasters, and for summer outdoor weddings, hay-fever tablets are a good shout. Also pack painkillers; hopefully you aren’t feeling unwell and these are not needed, but if you are staying at your venue they will certainly help to kill the hangover headache the next day!

5. Flat or Comfortable Shoes – You’ll appreciate these towards the end of the day, and I recommend them for the bride and groom! Even if you wear these types of shoes all the time or are an expert in heels, your feet may still get sore after a long day.

6. Chargers or Power Banks – Most of my couples don’t bother having phones on the day and certainly don’t use them as they like to be present in the moment. If you do have your phone (perhaps you need it for a background, wedding music playlist) then pack a charger or a power bank just in case.

7. Umbrella - You will know in the days leading up to your wedding if you are likely to need this, obviously if it’s a total heatwave then leave it at home. But a large white or clear umbrella for your bridal photos, and to potentially get you from venue to venue, is a must if it starts raining. Let’s face it, if it's a UK wedding it is more than likely, so be prepared!

I hope this has been a handy list to read. Also, I am not expecting you in any way to carry your emergency kit around all day: pack it in a bag and leave it somewhere accessible in the venue or with your coordinator, or in your room/bridal suite if you are staying. Then you might just fancy having your lippy and tissues in a nice bridal clutch for your bridesmaid to look after.

Photo credit: Holly Smith Weddings

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