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What to Include in Your Wedding Website

As a wedding planner, I'm a huge fan of wedding websites! They are the perfect way to easily share all the key details and information of your big day with guests. A wedding website eliminates so many questions and makes planning smoother for both you and your guests.

Here are some of my top tips on what you should include on your wedding website:

Wedding Schedule

Starting with the obvious, but on your wedding website provide timings of the main events for the day: the ceremony, reception, evening party and finishing time. You could also go into more detail such as timings of drinks reception, wedding breakfast, cake cutting and first dance. This info can help guests plan their arrival and travel time, but also an idea of when they may eat (handy if they have little kids with with)!. If you are having other weekend events such as welcome party and farewell brunch, put these on to.


This is key! Share answers to frequently asked questions this could include:

- Dress code: Is it black tie or another style of dress?

- Transportation: Taxi numbers or is a coach provided?

- Accommodation: suggestions or room block info

- Time to arrive ready for the ceremony start time

- Location: Any extra details to find it easily, a map or postcode for the sat nav.

- Extra guests: Are children invited? Can you guests bring a plus one?

- Beverages: Are drinks on you? Or is it a cash bar?

You know your guests better than anyone - what are they likely to ask you?

Bridal Party Headshots

Help your guests get to know your wedding party with short bios, fun photos and a title showing their role in your bridal party, e.g. Maid of Honour, Best man, Usher, Flower Girl etc. This can be useful if ushers and key people so guests can know who they are before arriving.

Your Love Story

Share your unique story and how you met, where you got engaged and any personal details you want to share with your guests. I think this is always lovely to include, yes many guests may know this story but you will be surprised how many don't and would love to know that.


Along with your love story in written form most wedding websites have spaces for photos which is fun to show your time together. This is also a great opportunity to show off your beautiful engagement photos - your friends and family will love to see them!

Transport Details

It is really important to have transport section to share with your wedding guests: information on available parking, public transport options, nearest train station and distance from the nearest city and airport. If you know your guests will need taxis, include a couple of local taxi numbers. I would also include extra details on getting to the location such as maps or sat nav postcode or even a what3words to find exact location if needed.

Accommodation Suggestions

This is another wedding website must. Recommend nearby hotels and let your guests know if you have a room block booking available to them and how to book. On your wedding website, you can add links and prices to nearby accommodation options. If there is glamping or camping available on site put that in this section to.

Gift Registry

If you have made a registry or a donation website - add this link to your website so it's easy for guests to send you a wedding gift or make a donation. Alternatively, if you don't want a gift then do put that on your website in a polite way.

Online RSVPs

Finally, if you are sending out physical invitations out with a RVSP card you won't need this. But if you want guests to RSVP on the wedding website then you will need a clickable link in the RSVP section, so you can track who is coming to your wedding. Usually you will be able to ask questions such as dietary requirements or allergies, do they have any song recommendations or would they like to leave a message to the couple.

There are so many wedding website platforms that make it simple to create a beautiful, customised site that matches your colour scheme and wedding vibe. I recommend checking out options like The Knot, With Joy, Bliss & Bone, Minted and Zola. It's just down to personal preference over which website host you use.

Need any help pulling together details for your wedding website? As your wedding planner, this is just one of the time-consuming tasks I can assist you with! Get in touch here.


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