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What is Wedding Design?

Bringing a Cohesive Vision to Life

Your wedding design brings all the aesthetic details together to create a visually stunning event that reflects your style and personality. It's what makes your wedding guests say 'wow' when they walk into your wedding!  

To get this overall cohesive and flawless design throughout your whole wedding day, you need to consider each design element. I'll be sharing with you what to think about to create a harmonious wedding design. 

Wedding Designer

As your wedding planner and designer, I take the lead in curating and helping you to envision your overall wedding design. I oversee the entire vision for your wedding day, from helping you choose colour schemes, designing floor plans, creating mood boards and sketching table scape layouts. From these wedding designs I then recommend wedding styliing and decor pieces and will be able to transform your wedding venue on the big day. 

I specialise in countryside weddings that are elegant, stylish for modern romantics. Right from the very start of your wedding planning journey I share with you my knowledge and experience in planning these types of weddings. From helping you decide what vibe and atmosphere you want to thinking about how you want your guests to feel throughout the day - I advise and guide my couples throughout the whole design process.  

It's More Than Just Decor

Your wedding décor is such a big component of your overall design and it encompasses lots of different elements that all need to work in harmony together to create a seamless aesthetic. Here are the top things to think about when it comes to choosing and designing your wedding decor: 

Furniture and soft furnishings - The colour and style of your chairs and tables at your reception can make a huge difference to the vibe. For example, wooden cross back chairs will provide a relaxed and countryside look whilst white Louis chairs will provide a more elegant and refined vibe. Furniture also refers to soft seating areas with rugs and cushions if you want some relaxing areas at your venue or a chilled outdoor seating space. 

Backdrop and Ceiling - If you are having a marquee or dry hire venue wedding then backdrops will be high up on your design list. Do you want a floral or foliage everywhere or could you add draping? There are endless possibilities for adding colour and texture to your wedding space through backdrops and ceiling deisgn.

Tablescape - Think about how you want your tables to look. Do you want a stylish, modern and simple table with small flower arrangements and clean minimilaist cutlery? Or do you want large romantic and whimsical floral arrangements and elegant tableware that take centre stage? Place settings, linens, glassware, candles, cutlery and crockery will play a role in how your overall tablescape will look.  

Wedding Stationery - From your welcome sign which is the first thing your guests will see when entering your wedding, to the menu cards, place names and table plan - you want all of these items to be in the same colour scheme, font and design if you want an overall cohesive look. 

Lighting: This can easily get overlooked, but it is hugely important for your reception and evening. Lighting magically creates the perfect atmosphere and mood such as elegant uplighting for your wedding breakfast followed by more colourful disco lights or hanging fairy lights for your evening party.  Also if your venue allows, I always love candle light for a intiamte, romantic glow.

Designing for Your Wedding Season

Your wedding date and time of the year can also guide your design and colour choices. This is partly based on the florals that are in season at your venue and the flowers you will be having as part of your wedding decor. You will also instinctively veer towards different hues and tones during the different seasons. See below for some seasonal wedding colour scheme inspiration: 

Spring Colours - Spring is a time for fresh pastel flowers and they pair beautifully with soft greenery. Think soft pinks, buttery yellows and cornflower blues.

Summer Colours - This is the season for being outside and playful. It is also the season with the most flowers to choose from, so you have a wide variety of colours at your disposal. But the brighter and more vibrant tones of pink, purple, coral and green are popular for this time of year. Pastels are also perfect for more understated summery wedding designs.

Autumn Colours - Autumn brings with it the beautiful and colourful change of season so it's easy to see why red, orange, gold, terracotta and rust are favourites for autumn weddings. These colours match the scenery and surroundings of autumn leaves perfectly. 

Winter Colours - If you want to opt for a party vibe for your winter wedding then think jewel tones of magenta, emerald and silver. Or for a cosy and intimate winter celebration, think frosted blues and whites with hints of evergreen foliage. If you are having a wedding around Christmas and want to keep things traditonal then reds, greens can definetly be done in an elegant, romantic way.

Colours & Textures 

Throughout every design element, you need to be considering the textures as well as the colours! The textures add another dimension and elevate the overall aesthetic. For example, if you want a soft and romantic wedding, then play with silk and chiffon fabrics, sleek crockery and glassware and romantic draping.

Bringing your Wedding Vision to life 

Planning a wedding can certainly feel overwhelming with so many moving parts and choices. As your wedding planner and designer I recommend how best to bring your weddding vision to life,  assemble a team of talented vendors and tie everything together to create a cohesive wedding design from start to finish.

If a stunning, editiorial-worthy wedding is important to you as a couple, investing in a wedding planner is your first step to achieving this. Get in touch with me here to start our journey in planning and desiging your perfect wedding.

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