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Top Wedding Planning Tips

This post is a quick refresh of my top tips for when planning your wedding. If you are newly engaged and want to know how to start planning your wedding now, then check out my 'where to start with wedding planning' blog.

If not then, this is a great overview of things to keep in mind as you go along.

1. Start a Wedding Budget

The most important tip is to make sure you create a wedding budget from day one and keep track of your spending. If you choose to use a wedding planner (Hi!), they may have their own software you can use or their own way of tracking your budget. If not, then simply create an Excel spreadsheet and include the following sections:


Catering and beverages





Styling and furniture

It's really important you don’t just create this at the start and never look at it again. As you progress through planning things might change, so it's essential you stay updated with your numbers and spending.

2. Talk with Your Partner

Remember, the day is about the two of you, and celebrating you as a couple. Make sure you talk to your partner about your plans, finding out what you both like and dislike. Even if you are the lead planner out of the pair, perhaps there is something your future spouse wants to be involved with like the band, photography or location. Shortlist all your options and enjoy going through them together.

3. Monitor Your Guest List

The wedding guest list is always a tricky one, but if you are working with a tight budget or your dream venue has a smaller capacity, then I recommend choosing wisely. Are your invitees bringing joy to your life? Do you want them in your wedding photos? Be firm with your family (if you have a mother wanting to bring their friends) and don’t feel like you have to include plus ones. Remember, it's your wedding day, do it your way. Okay, if a parent is footing the bill then it might be difficult, but have an open and honest conversation about expectations for this part of the day.

4. Talk to and trust your suppliers

For many suppliers, an email conversation and confirmation is all you need. However, there are some suppliers which I truly advise you talk to face to face with to ensure they’re the right match for you. These would include:

Wedding planners - If you are using a wedding planner you will spend a lot of time together, and they need to understand you and your vision for the day. You also need to feel confident they know what you want.

Wedding Photographers and Videographers - They will be there for the entire day, so they should be someone you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of. Not only because they are taking photos of you, but they will be with you all day.

Wedding Makeup Artists - If you are a bride, then it’s likely you will have a wedding makeup trial anyway to gauge if they’re right for you. But you’ll also want a makeup artist who brings good vibes the morning of your wedding, and who will join in your excitement.

Wedding Caterers - Catering is such a big part of the day. Even if food isn't your priority, you will likely spend 2 hours eating and in many venues the caterers run the day too. So, you need to know what you are getting, what their service is going to be like, who you are working with and ensure your expectations are being met, and of course try amazing food!

5. Stay True to Yourselves

Remember, your wedding should be done your way. The whole point of getting married is to commit to each other and share that special moment with your nearest and dearest. Keep this in mind if things get stressful. There are also so many traditions you don't have to bother with or worry about, just focus on planning your wedding in a way that makes you happy and is true to yourselves.

6. Invest in Wedding Insurance

Even before COVID-19 I recommended this, but I definitely do now. I’m not legally able to advise when and where to go, but a simple Google search will help and it's much like buying any other insurance. It's better to be safe than sorry as things unfortunately do happen from time to time.

Looking for a wedding planner?

If you’re starting to plan your wedding, I’d love to hear your ideas and offer my support. Take a look at my Wedding Planning Packages and how I can help create your perfect wedding day.


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