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My Business Values

This post is a little different, no tips, no inspiration, no previous weddings, just me. (Almost sounds like a cheesy movie quote!)

Choosing a Wedding Planner is an investment; not only are you paying for their service, but you are trusting them with everything to do with your big day. So, it is super important to get it right. But how do you know? First, find out what you can about them: check their portfolio, read testimonials, do you connect with them when chatting and do your values and priorities match up.

Values can play a big part in someone's style and work ethic. So, I wanted to share my values as a Wedding Planner and business owner with you:

1. Passion

If you are not passionate about something, then what is the point of doing it? I am a passionate person anyway, outside of my business, so it only seemed right to bring this in as one of my core business values too. Therefore, this is a priority for me because I absolutely love what I do and I hope my enthusiasm comes across to my clients. I enjoy making the little things look beautiful and consistently do the best for my clients by giving them the seamless, beautiful day they deserve.

I also really love working with a passionate couple - in the sense that they are excited about their wedding and looking forward to celebrating with their family and friends (though nerves are okay and perfectly normal too!). My couples, like me, have the desire to create a really lovely day which looks amazing, reflects their personalities and delivers a fantastic day for everyone. Leading nicely into my next value...

2. Enjoyment

Put simply, I want to enjoy life and the work I do. My clients deserve to find enjoyment and have fun planning their weddings too, so I hate to think of stressed-out brides and grooms during what should be such a happy time. Yes, there may some wedding planning tasks which aren't the most 'enjoyable', but I aim to make those parts as easy as possible. Even if you are a nervous bride or groom, and feeling overwhelmed by the process, this is where I come in to help ease those thoughts and feelings. I am all about fun weddings and parties, and my wish is for you and your guests to have the best day - an exciting, fun yet relaxing wedding day. No boring, stuffy weddings here, please!

3. Thoughtful

One of my main missions is to create a thoughtful wedding design for my couples, taking in their likes and dislikes to plan a wedding true to them. I like to add thoughtful touches to the planning process when working with my couples to show I am thinking of them, and I will always ensure every decision made is based on what is best for them and their day. I like to think of myself as a thoughtful person, and I hope that carries through to my business and work.

4. Balance

I guess this one is more personal to me than solely a business value because I'm looking for balance in my life. I want time with my friends and family, and flexibility so I can be there for my loved ones. But to also build a successful business whilst doing work that makes me happy and proud.

5. Trust

This is key when wedding planning; lovely couples will put their trust in me to organise their special day, ensuring it will run smoothly and look amazing. It is a business relationship built around trust; they need to trust me and I put trust in the suppliers I use. I also want to trust in myself that I am doing the right thing whether that is in business or life!

There we go, a little deep in some parts, but these are my five key values for my business and what I am all about. If these values match yours and what you're looking for in a Wedding Planner, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch here to arrange a discovery call.

Photocredit: Ellie Mac Photography


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