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How do I style my blank canvas wedding venue?

If you have booked a simple blank canvas wedding venue but don't know here to start styling and dressing it then this blog post is for you. Here you will find my top tips on ways to style a blank canvas wedding venue, your starting point and covering a a variety of elements to consider.

1. Divide the space

I recommend standing in your venue and trying to visualise the space into different areas and sections for your wedding. You know you need a ceremony, dining area, bar, dance floor and a seating area for guests to chill out in. Once you have these areas outlined it makes it a lot easier to look at what you can do and how to do it. You can choose to keep it open plan or even use draping for a big reveal.

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2. Get Personal

My top tip is to get personal, it is your wedding and you don’t want it looking like every other wedding you have been to. That is the beauty of a blank canvas venue, you can bring in your personal style and tastes that doesn’t stop at the colour. For example, if you have a love of all things vintage then fill it with vintage style furniture and rustic props.Or perhaps you lean towards modern and sleek vibes, then use that as a theme with contemporary sofas and sleek styling such as mirrors and glass.

3. Lighting

Never underestimate the power of lighting. It really is the best thing you can you do with blank canvas venues; the right lighting can finish your space perfectly. A chandelier will create a romantic, traditional look or choose festoon lighting for a festival themed wedding. Fairy lights on the ceiling can give a starry sky vibe, whilst hanging light bulbs will work with an industrial and modern feel. Candlelight is beautiful and works wonders to create an intimate, romantic feel in a space – even if you have a larger wedding at 200+ guests, it will still give you that cosy, welcoming ambiance.

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4. Flowers aren’t just for bouquets

Flowers don’t have to stop at centerpieces and bouquets. Florists can do incredible installations such as hanging flowers over a dance floor, or underneath a perspex dance floor, and they can create stunning archways or flower bars. These really do add the ‘wow’ factor at weddings, especially to blank spaces that otherwise could look quite plain.

5. Create a comfortable living space

When it comes to a sofa seating area, I love to see it as a cosy, comfortable living room where people feel welcome and can relax when needing a break from dancing. Think sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, rugs and then bud vases of flowers or candles to decorate. Perhaps look at your own living room for inspiration to really bring your personal style to the space. If your own living room isn’t inspiring you, take to Pinterest or Instagram for interior décor ideas.

If you need help designing and styling your wedding venue I would love to hear from you, contact me on .

Mel x


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