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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Climate change is an important topic at the moment, so you might be wondering how to make your big day more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The following tips will help you reduce your impact on the environment, whilst not compromising your wedding:

1. Mix up your menu

If you’ve watched David Attenborough’s latest documentary on Netflix, you will know that the meat and dairy industry have a huge impact on the environment. With this in mind, the easiest option would be to have a plant-based menu. If this doesn’t suit you, then even having a vegetarian starter for 100 guests will make a big difference. If leaving meat off the menu is a big no for you, then choose your catering company wisely. Do your research and speak to them on how conscious they are as a company with their own environmental footprint; making sure they source local and organic produce.

Another tip is to avoid buffet or family style catering. Most catering companies will allow for more food than what one plated portion might be, this is because they need to allow for the occasional guests taking more than their share. They will also use food to fill out platters or to make buffet stations look nice. Unfortunately, all this extra food will just end up wasted.

2. Save on Stationery

You could go down the route of paperless post ( which is exactly what it says; all invites are done online. Although, I do understand it’s lovely to have something tangible for such a special occasion, a greener option could be to send out a simple invite with website details, where guests can RSVP and find out more information all online.

Another suggestion is using gorgeous handmade recycled paper. There are many wonderful options for this – different colours and textures, with or without dried flower petals. If you do a little research and use local companies who can create these, then you’ll also be supporting small businesses too, win win!

Image: JenSimpson Design on Esty

3. Fake it with flowers

When I say ‘faux’ I don’t mean plastic fake flowers. Most florists have a great selection of faux silk flowers, that are reusable and can be used time and time again. You can get some really beautiful, realistic options. When talking to florists, ask if they reuse flowers. Obviously they wouldn’t use them for another wedding, but some florists work with charities such as, who then reuse the flowers by gifting them to care homes or similar places. I think this is such a lovely, thoughtful idea; knowing your flower arrangements will be bringing joy to another.

If you wanted to keep your bouquet as a special reminder of the day, you can also have your flowers dried, pressed and framed, giving you a gorgeous keepsake.

4. Make a statement at the ceremony

To go a step further with the Eco-friendly message, why not consider a tree planting ceremony, during your wedding ceremony. This is venue dependent and would need to be an outdoor wedding, but it would be something truly unique and a meaningful spot to return to on anniversaries.

Most venues request you to use bio-gradable confetti, so remember to check this before to ensure yours is natural. Many florists can even supply dried flower petals, so make sure you ask around too.

Image and full how to do a tree planting ceremony guide:

5. Additional planet saving ideas

Another wedding tip is to avoid having favours that have extra plastic and packaging. Edible favours in Eco-friendly packaging are easy to find or you can have fun making them yourself! Another favour suggestion could involve encouraging your guests to be Eco-friendly too, such as flower seeds with cute slogans like ‘let love grow’. You could give out small potted plants like succulents or something they can then take and plant in the garden themselves, a true keepsake to remember your day.

Finally, be conscious of what make up you select. Try to choose ethical, cruelty free, vegan friendly make up, to make you look and feel your best on your special day.

With all this talk of Eco-friendly and sustainability, and as it’s also a subject that’s close to heart, for every couple that books any of my planning packages, I will organise a tree to be planted with the That is something for us all to feel good about!

I hope this has helped if you are looking to plan an Eco-friendlier wedding. If you want to discuss your day, then do get in touch on 07469942646 or email


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