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Repurposing your wedding flowers

I am a big lover of floristry and when it comes to weddings, I honestly think flowers make everything much more beautiful, but they do come at a cost. So, if you are looking to go big on your wedding flowers, but perhaps want to repurpose them to be a little more economical (and sustainable), then you are in the right place. Here are my top tips on repurposing your flowers throughout your wedding day (and beyond!):

1. Plinth and Urn Arrangements

You may have these by your altar where you say ‘I do’ or at the beginning of the aisle, but these Urn arrangements can be used later in the day too. Perhaps pop one on your bar or a food station in the evening for the extra detail.

2. Floral Arches or Floral Pillars

Arches and pillars, which may be in your ceremony location, are more difficult to move but not impossible. To do this, you are likely going to need your florist to return (at an additional cost) to move them. This is because not only are they bigger and heavier, they may need neatening up again when moved to the new location. They are an investment, so I can see why couples like to repurpose them if possible.

3. Meadow Arrangements

I love these low flower arrangements and think they look amazing lined down your aisle or at the altar as a low, pretty backdrop to your wedding ceremony. They can usually be easily moved and used later at the end of long banqueting-style dining tables, by the bar, lining the stage or even sitting by the cake table to make your wedding cake photos picture perfect.

4. Bud Vases

Small bud vases of flowers can be dotted around the drink’s reception, on your dining tables and around for your evening decor. They sit nicely on poseur tables or coffee tables as part of a lounge seating set-up, and can also be used to decorate dessert stations or evening buffet/food stations. These are fairly cost-effective in terms of flower arrangements.

5. Bouquets

It’s always a good idea to see if your florist can provide a few extra vases to pop your bouquets in (Bridal and Bridesmaids) once photos and formalities are finished. Firstly, you may want to keep them as fresh as possible to be able to preserve them after the wedding. Secondly, they make great extra décor arrangements scattered around. If you do plan on saving your bridal bouquet, make sure it is kept somewhere safe/out of reach, so no one takes it assuming it’s a standard flower arrangement up for grabs…this has happened!

6. Gifts

Finally, why not gift your flower arrangements so guests can take home centrepieces? Just let your florist know this is what you plan to do so they can design them in a way this can easily be done, and perhaps they can provide boxes/bags for you. Although you will need to ensure your guests don’t also take the vessels they come in as your florist will want them back!

I hope this has filled you with the hope your beautiful wedding flowers can be repurposed. You will need to assign someone the responsibility to organise this: it could be your wedding planner/coordinator, ushers, bridesmaids, venue coordinator or as mentioned, perhaps the florist will come back for an additional fee. Also worth noting, any hanging installations or really big arches and pillars will not be movable.

If you are looking for help planning your wedding, then head to my contact page here. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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